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LOVELAND, Colorado (CBS4)– The judiciary’s eighth law firm released an update on Friday on the investigation into the arrest of Karen Garner last summer. The 73-year-old dementia sufferer had a broken arm, a severed shoulder and a sprained wrist during her arrest in June 2020.

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The 8th Judicial District Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) was activated on April 19 in response to allegations that the use of force by law enforcement officers in Loveland resulted in serious bodily harm to Garner. Garner’s family filed a lawsuit following their arrest last summer.

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Fort Collins Police Services is leading the investigation, and detectives have been working to gather all the facts related to their arrest. This contains:

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  • Search and interview nearly two dozen people connected to the incident
  • Digitally enhancing, transcribing, and reviewing hours of video
  • Review of all available evidence and related records of the incident, including first encounter at Walmart, arrest, transportation and continued detention at the Loveland Police Department, the booking process at the Larimer County Jail, and subsequent medical evaluation and treatment

“Detectives have been hired to conduct a thorough and professional investigation that leaves no stone unturned. That is what our community expects and deserves, ”District Attorney Gordon McLaughlin said in a statement. “This requires independent information gathering, forensic processing and resource coordination. Timeliness of the investigation is important, but we cannot sacrifice accuracy or reliability for speed. I am confident that this necessary depth of work will provide the community with reliable answers to this incident. “

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(Credit: The Life & Liberty Law Firm)

The CIRT investigation is expected to close with a presentation to the district attorney in mid-May, who will examine and determine what happens when criminal violations occur.

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