Attorney for Deshaun Watson reported victims seeking settlement?

Despite statements to the contrary, there appears to be a certain willingness on the part of the lawyers for Deshaun Watson’s reported victims to resolve the outstanding cases.

ESPN’s Sarah Barshop said a member of the legal team representing the victims reported by Watson reached out to the QB legal team to discuss “working things out”. It does so despite a dismissal from chief women’s attorney Tony Buzbee, who said there were no attempts to resolve any of the lawsuits.

Buzbee also told ESPN that he is “the only one in this company authorized to discuss the settlement.”

There has been more talk lately about a possible deal, but Buzbee insisted it not even be discussed. There are some beliefs that Settlements could allow Watson to play at least part of the 2021 season, but he is still facing discipline from the NFL as they conduct their own investigation.

Aside from the obvious legal ramifications, a settlement could have a significant impact on Watson’s status with the Houston Texans.

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