Alexander Petraglia, Trial Lawyer, Gives the Reasons to Hire Your Own Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve had a car accident, your mind is likely to run a million miles per minute thinking about everything you need to do. Although things like filing a police report, repairing your car, and checking for injuries are great ideas, Alexander Petraglia, an experienced attorney, recommends adding a consultation with a personal injury attorney to your list.

A lawyer can point you in the right direction when it comes to this Personal Injury Claims. Here are just a few reasons why hiring your own personal injury attorney can be the best decision you can make after a car accident.

You take care of the details

A personal injury attorney knows what types of documentation and evidence are required in a personal injury case. You have already gone through the process and are familiar with the best strategies to get an adequate result. If you are still recovering from your injuries, the last thing you need to do is gather and organize information to prepare for a lawsuit.

You know the value of your case

Having worked with many people in the past, an experienced personal injury attorney can get a clear sense of the value of your case, which may differ from what an insurance company offers. A … have knowledgeable lawyer like Alex Petraglia On your side, you can show the insurance company that you mean business and help you feel more confident about your claim.

You have negotiating skills

Lawyers have trained to defend their clients and negotiate with insurance companies. Instead of trying to learn this tactic yourself or trust the insurance company that wants to make money, it is best to hire a personal injury attorney.

They will level the playing field

The adjusters at auto insurance companies are skilled negotiators and will do everything in their power to prevent your claim from moving forward. Your job is to save the insurance company money and they have a team of lawyers to help them do it legally.

When you hire your own personal injury attorney, you create a level playing field that will ensure that you are treated fairly and appropriately without having to defend yourself at every turn.

You can speed up the process

Because attorneys know the process of filing claims and bringing cases to court, they also know how to expedite the process. Lawyers can help you handle your billing and avoid problems with statute of limitations. They have been preparing for cases like yours for years and can use their knowledge to expedite your claim.

They give you peace of mind

Most importantly, hiring a personal injury attorney can give you the peace of mind you need during a stressful and confusing time. Having someone in your corner to turn to with questions and concerns is invaluable. Also, a lawyer like Alex Petraglia won’t get paid until you do. So you know that he will do everything possible to support your case.

Alexander Petraglia is a licensed trial attorney is committed to vigorously representing its customers. Mr. Petraglia received his BA, JD and a major in sociology from Case Western Reserve University Law School in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Petraglia currently works at Deters law firm, where he has participated in medical misconduct litigation, class action lawsuits and successful unlawful injury settlements. He is devoted to diligently protecting the health, wealth and freedom of his customers.

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