Why Is It Taking So Long to Settle My Truck Accident Injury Claim

Why does it take so long to resolve my truck accident injury claim?

Several factors determine the time that is required for safe handling after an accident caused by a commercial vehicle driver. Only a few are under the control of you and your Columbus, Ohio truck accident attorney.

First, in order to get a semi truck accident settlement in Ohio, the insurance company must make an offer that you consider fair and reasonable. Because insurers do not welcome the opportunity to pay an accident victim for medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering, insurance company agents often take a long time to seriously reimburse people for injury or death.

Insurance claims after accidents involving large commercial vehicles can also be complicated by the fact that truck drivers and the companies that employ them have multiple policies. Ohio law allows an accident victim to file claims against any applicable policy. This means that negotiations with more than one company may be required.

A third reality that can slow the process of attaining a semi-trailer accident settlement in Ohio is that it takes time to come up with a compelling case in favor of obtaining compensation. To be successful when their claims are challenged, the victim and their personal injury or unjustified death attorney must collect, organize, and present evidence of:

  • The main mistake of the truck driver or the hiding company,
  • The link between the fall and serious injury or death,
  • Health care needs and costs for injuries caused by the fall and
  • The need for other types of compensation, such as replacing wages lost during worship, replacing projected income due to long-term disability, and paying noneconomic losses due to physical pain and emotional distress.

Submitting all kinds of evidence requires a combination of getting official police reports, conducting an independent investigation into the crash, reviewing medical records, hiring reports from experts, and taking testimony. All of this can take several months.

Finally, a case ends when you as the victim / plaintiff accept an offer of settlement from the insurance company or the insurance company. You can decide that an initial or early offer is sufficient. Or, you may find that your long-term need for ongoing medical care and assistance with disabilities calls for the fight for a larger settlement.

Your Columbus accident attorney will advise you on your financial situation, ways to get a higher bid if you pursue your case, and your chances of winning if the case goes to court and is decided by a jury. However, the final decision on whether to accept or decline a settlement offer is yours.

If you’ve been hit and injured by a negligent or reckless truck driver in Franklin County, Ohio, Corey Heit of Heit Law of Westerville may be able to help you take over the insurance company. He offers free consultations for accident victims and also looks after deaths of family members who have lost loved ones. Connect with Corey online for a free consultation or call (614) 898-5300.

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