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Damage is payments to a victim of a car accident when they leave the scene of the accident with serious injuries. Economic damage includes lost wages, funeral and funeral costs and medical expenses. Noneconomic damage is often more difficult to quantify because it encompasses things like pain and suffering.

Georgian law also provides specific upper limits for non-economic claims for damages. Therefore, it is important that you seek assistance from your car accident attorney immediately after the accident so that you know what to expect.

What Can You Do If You Are Injured in an Accident in Georgia?

If you or someone you love pays the price due to the negligence or reckless behavior of another driver, speak to a car accident attorney as soon as possible. Knowing your potential for damage recovery and having someone in your corner fighting for compensation allows you to focus on your medical care, which is the most important thing to you after an accident.

RightGeorgia’s auto accident attorney will meet with you at the beginning of the case to discuss details and help you determine your next steps. Hit and escape accidents present unique problems that begin with identifying the driver who has left the scene. In some cases, your Atlanta auto accident attorney can use evidence such as testimony or accident reports to help locate a driver who is on the run.

Even if the driver’s identity cannot be verified, you may be entitled to payment for your injuries through your uninsured or uninsured motor accident insurance in your insurance policy. When you let your insurance company know about the accident, give them the general details, but avoid making a formal statement or signing anything at this point. It is possible that the only person watching you in your case is your Atlanta auto accident attorney. So don’t rely on your insurance carrier.

The most common injuries from an accident

An accident, similar to a car crash, can result in serious injury. A victim can suffer from broken bones, fractures, burns, head injuries such as TBIs or concussions, spinal cord injuries, and more. Most victims receive medical care immediately after the accident, but some conditions, such as whiplash, do not fully affect the victim until a few days later. This is why it is important to keep monitoring your health and getting medical attention in the hours and days following the car accident.

If further medical treatment is needed or you need time off to recover, it can be a financial burden for you and your family. The medical bills can still be sent by post, which adds to the burden of an already difficult situation.
Victims of accident events may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering caused by the event.

Is your insurance company having a hard time?

You may feel that you can resolve this case yourself by speaking with the insurance agency. Unfortunately, as many people realize far too late, your insurance company is not always looking after your interests. You need a lawyer in your corner to take care of you and your family once you’ve suffered debilitating injuries.

Without a lawyer’s insight, your insurance company could pretend your injuries weren’t as serious or you could deny your claim altogether. Such a scenario could have a significant impact on your ability to repair damage and put the pieces of your life back together. Don’t let the insurance company decide your future. Instead, seek the assistance of an Atlanta auto accident attorney.

Georgia Law Regarding Hit and Walk Accidents

The driver is responsible for stopping and exchanging information in the event of a vehicle accident. For reasons such as panic at the moment or concern about the possible consequences, some drivers leave the scene of the accident despite the clear laws set out in OCGA 40-6-270.

There are criminal penalties for drivers who are on the run if they can be identified and brought to justice. If minor traffic accidents occur with little to no injuries, a court can charge the driver with an offense for leaving the scene. However, an accident in Georgia is considered a criminal offense if the accident resulted in death or personal injury.

Why Should You Contact the Greathouse Trial Law?

A lawyer can help you manage all aspects of your claim for damages if your lawyer steps in as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you direct the insurance claim process, manage filing of documents with the insurance company or court, and even prepare your case for trial when that point is reached.

Founded by Atlanta-born attorney and born Riah Greathouse, the Greathouse Trial Law has assisted numerous victims in these situations with all aspects of a claim, from investigating the accident site to exposing the racer’s identity to arguing for the victim’s rights Dish. Schedule a free consultation with our office at 678-310-2827 today to learn more about how you can protect your interests and your right to compensation.

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