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Dash cam footage of a car crash was instrumental in reaching an insurance company’s deal.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this case, as is my client. Dash cam footage is a lawyer’s dream. “

– Kyle Scott

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, Jan. 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Kyle Scott, a personal injury attorney based in Tustin, CA, recently announced a settlement in a car accident that appeared on his client’s dash cam footage of the collision based. Recording devices in motor vehicles can provide valuable resources after an accident.

The accident in question occurred in December 2019 at E. Highland Ave. in San Bernardino, California, when Scott’s customer was driving through an intersection and was hit by a driver turning left, resulting in damage to the customer’s vehicle and personal injury. The customer’s car was equipped with a dash cam recording device. The green traffic sign was clearly visible in the footage, showing that this customer had right of way at the time of the collision. The dash cam confirmed the other driver couldn’t give in and turned left and encountered Scott’s customer vehicle. The dash cam also provided visual evidence of the force of the impact that shook the customer back and forth in their vehicle, causing multiple body parts to hit the interior of their vehicle.

Accidents like this fall under the California Vehicle Code, specifically Section 21801 (a). According to the code, a vehicle turning left must give way to vehicles traveling in the opposite direction.

Despite this strong visual evidence, the culpable driver’s insurance company was reluctant to settle the claim. It was only after Scott filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client that the insurance company’s defense attorney agreed that the video footage would be extremely convincing to a potential jury. The insurance company settled the case for the maximum limit of the defendant driver’s insurance policy: $ 100,000.00.

Commenting on the settlement, Scott commented, “I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this case, as is my client. Dash cam footage is a lawyer’s dream. Even so, my client still needed a car accident attorney to file a case and ultimately get a successful outcome. “Scott also advised drivers to consider purchasing dash cams for their vehicles. “These cameras don’t cost that much, but if you’re in a car accident, having this undeniable visual evidence is a godsend. My client was lucky enough to have one. I think everyone should think about getting one. “

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Tustin car accident attorney wins case with dash cam

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