Questions to Ask an Ohio Wrongful Death Attorney

Questions to ask a false death attorney in Ohio

What to Expect when you first meet a false death attorney in Columbus, Ohio

The very first and most important thing to know when you first sit down to speak to a Columbus attorney is that the attorney is on your side. At a time when it feels like the entire universe is working against you – and the negligent driver insurance company or any other party responsible for your loved one’s life, the unjustified death attorney wants only theirs Use time, resources and legal expertise to help you.

You should also be ready to tell as much as you can about the fatal accident and its aftermath. The more an unlawful death attorney knows in advance, the better they can be aggressive about your case.

What to Bring When Speaking to a False Death Lawyer for the First Time

Here we are talking about your first actual meeting. This happens after you connect with an attorney online or by phone. This first contact is similar to making an appointment with a doctor or dentist. You don’t need to prepare a lot for this brief interaction, but you should be ready to provide a general description of your potential case.

Whether you want to have an unlawful death attorney visit you, go to the law firm, or have your first meeting online through Zoom or a similar app, showcase the following materials and information.

  • Medical records and death certificate: The official cause of death is important to indicate that the circumstances that led to it were preventable.
  • Medical bills and other financial documents related to unjustified death: Bring hospital bills, health insurance statements, pay slips for the deceased, and a basic household budget. All of this information is critical to estimating the amount of a fair and equitable insurance statement. This estimate also determines what a jury has to award if a lawsuit becomes necessary.
  • Police reports: These are essential in any case of a car or truck accident. If a report has not yet been drawn up by the time you meet the attorney, discuss when the report will be available. To deal with a death in Ohio as a result of an accident, it must be demonstrated that the other driver was more than 50 percent to blame. The police report will provide invaluable evidence as well as pointers on how to gather more facts and testimonials.
  • Your story: Be ready to talk about your relationship with your loved one, the accident or incident that cost them their lives, and what the absence of the victim of unjustified death will mean for you and your family. Compensation for emotional stress and losses, such as loss of camaraderie, for which there are no fixed dollar values, is a significant part of the insurance bill or the judging panel’s prize.

What to ask the false death attorney

Arrive and ask more questions than you answer. When you speak to the attorney handling your death, never forget that they are working for you. Don’t hesitate to ask for definitions of unfamiliar terms, explanations of tactics and strategy, and hiring progress reports.

At your first meeting, make sure you get satisfactory answers to the following five questions.

  • Do I have a winnable case? No unlawful death attorney can promise you an agreement or a jury award. Too many factors affect the ending of a case to be guaranteed. At the same time, an experienced and ethical lawyer will give you an honest assessment of your chances of holding accountable the person or organization that caused the death of your loved one.
  • Have you ever worked on a case like mine? Experience is important. No two cases are the same, but similar circumstances suggest a particular proven tactic.
  • Can you describe some cases where you got a positive result for your client? Success is important. Here, too, each case is different. A lawyer with a strong track record has also built an extensive network of independent investigators and experts to work for you.
  • How involved do I have to be if the case continues? When you file an unlawful obituary, you commit to participating in a lawsuit that can prove lengthy, frustrating, impractical, and sometimes too intrusive for your privacy. A caring and empathetic lawyer will protect you from endless phone calls and emails from the insurance company and the defendant’s legal team. However, you need to understand the requirements placed on you to produce evidence, appear at hearings, sit on a deposit, and possibly testify in court.
  • How much will it cost me to hire you? Don’t be afraid to talk about money. Most unlawful death lawyers work on an emergency basis. This means they won’t charge any fees until they reach an agreement or win a jury award for you. The attorney’s payment and reimbursement for things like court fees and office expenses is assessed as a fixed percentage of the settlement or award. It is worth your time and whatever social inconvenience it may cause to clarify this business arrangement at the beginning of the case. Be sure to ask about the amount of the contingent fee and whether additional fees can be charged.

Meet with a Columbus Wrongful Death attorney Corey Heit of Heit Law offers free advice to potential clients and only accepts cases of unjustified death in emergencies. Based in Westerville, he advises and represents clients in Columbus and throughout Franklin County. You can connect to Corey online or speak to him directly by calling (614) 898-5300.

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