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New York, NY, July 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – With one of the largest and most complex NYC public transportation systems in the world, public transportation in and around New York City serves a population of 15.3 million people.

Unfortunately, accidents with public transport happen every day. Pedestrians and cyclists can be hit by a bus. Bus passengers can be involved in accidents, and people taking trains or the subway can be injured in an accident. Passengers on the Staten Island Ferry can be injured if they fall or collide. Injuries span a wide spectrum, from cuts and bruises to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and deaths.

If a person is injured on public transport in New York City, they may be eligible for compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other losses. The institutions and authorities behind public transport are obliged to provide care to people who use public transport, as well as to pedestrians and cyclists. If they fail to exercise this duty of care, they may be held liable for any negligence that caused the injury or death.

Public transportation accidents in New York City

In a city as large and congested as New York City, most people don’t use private vehicles to get around. Instead, it is usually much faster, cheaper, and more convenient to use public transport.

As a result, the city has an extensive public transportation network that includes buses, trains, trams, subways, and ferries.

The city’s public bus and rail network is operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and New York City Transit. The Staten Island Ferry is also part of New York’s public transportation system. In the past, ferries have been involved in several serious collisions with docks, which resulted in serious injuries and deaths to passengers.

Accidents on the New York subway

Injuries from underground accidents can occur in a number of ways. For example, passengers can be injured if a subway train stops suddenly and without warning or if a subway car derails. Injuries can also occur due to device malfunctions or poor maintenance.

It is also possible for people to be injured if they slip and fall on subway platforms or in a subway car. People have also been injured from faulty subway doors that close too quickly or pinch their bodies or part of their clothing or a bag in the door, resulting in crushing or dragging injuries.

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NYC bus accidents

People were injured while driving New York City Transit buses. These accidents can occur when a bus hits another vehicle or a pedestrian or cyclist. Buses can also malfunction due to poor maintenance or defective equipment.

Bus passengers can be injured through negligence or impairment of the driver. Passengers may also be eligible for compensation if they are injured because a driver does not fully stop when a passenger gets off or drives away while a passenger tries to get off or on the bus. We’ve posted more resources on New York City bus accidents here, if you can

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New York train accidents

Like the subway, trains and trams can derail or collide with other wagons or stationary objects. Trains and trams can also fail due to improper maintenance or an inexperienced or negligent operator. People can also be injured from slips and falls and other accidents on a train or tram.

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What to Do If You Are Injured Using NYC Public Transportation?

If you are using public transport and are injured as a result of an accident, you should take steps to protect yourself in case you need to file a claim.

  • Document the scene with photos – photos can be convincing evidence in a case of personal injury. If your phone has a camera function, you or someone traveling with you can use it to take photos and videos of the scene.
  • Retrieve names of witnesses – If a passerby or other person saw the accident, try to get that person’s contact information so an explanation can be taken from them. In some cases, people are even willing to have you record a video statement. It is important to get an eyewitness statement as soon as possible after the accident as memories will fade over time.
  • Get Medical Help – You should never ignore or minimize the possibility of injury from a public transit accident or personal injury. Adrenaline often increases after an accident and can sometimes mask symptoms of an injury. It is common for injury victims to feel pain hours or days after an accident. Therefore, it is always a good idea to go to a hospital emergency room or see a private doctor after an accident.
  • Wait for the police or ambulance staff to respond to the accident. If you have been injured due to negligence on public transport, it is important to have an official record of your accident and that your report of what happened to a police report is accurately recorded. Also, with an ambulance responding to the scene, the ambulance report can be important evidence when filing a lawsuit for damages.

Discuss your case with a NYC public transportation accident attorney

If you have been injured while using public transportation in New York City, it is important to discuss your case with a New York City public transportation accident attorney. There are strict deadlines for filing a claim. So don’t hesitate to consult an experienced personal injury attorney in New York.

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