How Bridgeport Attorney Overcame Police Report That Allegedly Minimized His Client’s Injuries

David Davis was injured after this car, in which he was a passenger, hit a parked car in Stamford in October 2019. Davis sustained injuries and recently settled his case for $ 100,000. Courtesy photo

Plaintiffs’ attorney, Peter Reynolds, knew something was wrong from the police report describing his client’s injuries in a car accident.

The responding police officer who wrote the report of the October 2019 accident had completely misunderstood the severity of the injuries, Reynolds said.

And depending on the insurance provider, this could have been a problem, the lawyer said.

“In this case, the officer wrote that he had observed that both passengers had slight cuts on their foreheads when they really weren’t,” Reynolds said. “My client, David Davis, actually had a large 3-inch injury that required eight stitches on his forehead. He also had post-concussion syndrome, photophobia, an aversion to light, and difficulty concentrating. “

Reynolds, a collaborator with Miller, Rosnick, D’Amico, August and Butler in Bridgeport, faced a dilemma.

“The strategy was to get past what the policeman said and minimize the injuries in his report,” said the lawyer.

Reynolds closed the litigation with Plymouth Rock Assurance insurance specialist Christine Biel. He said he would stick to no less than the $ 100,000 limit set by George Giraldo, the driver of the vehicle his client was a passenger in.

Fortunately, Biel is willing to work with him to avoid filing a lawsuit, Reynolds said.

“Christine Biel was a tough expert, and I immediately told her these injuries were more serious than the police report,” said Reynolds, who achieved his goal and settled the matter for the $ 100,000 limit. “Right from the start, Christine wanted me to get the medical records and bills as soon as possible so we can assess my clients’ injuries.”

Reynolds said he did just that.

“I had an adjuster willing to work with me, which you don’t always get,” he said on Tuesday. “The accident was pretty bad and we had a bad fall. I just had to quickly collect all the documents. I had to travel… several times a month to Stamford, where the accident occurred, to our Bridgeport offices. “

Reynolds continued, “I received the medical records, spoke to my client, and we were able to change the way the police report was presented pretty quickly.”

Davis, 30, was a passenger on Giraldo’s Honda Acura. They were leaving the funeral service of a friend who had died in October when Giraldo ran into a parked vehicle, according to Reynolds.

“Giraldo was going too fast,” said Reynolds. “My client said he was traveling 40 to 50 mph in a 30 mph zone.”

Giraldo was issued a speeding violation and the car was totalized,

Now, about nine months after the accident, Reynolds said his builder, who was a construction worker, had permanent scars on his forehead.

“That being said, he’s recovered from his injuries,” said Reynolds.

Biel declined to comment on this report.

Reynolds said Davis accrued about $ 37,000 in medical bills.

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