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Attorney criticizes NFL for handling of Watson situation – INJURY ATTORNEY

Attorney criticizes NFL for handling of Watson situation

The NFL has been investigating allegations of sexual assault against Deshaun Watson, and the attorney representing the reported victims does not believe that any reasonable level of respect is shown to his clients.

Tony Buzbee told Mark Berman of FOX 26 Wednesday night that four of the 22 women he currently represents have met with the NFL. Buzbee said he wasn’t sure he would allow others to do so because some of the women who had spoken to the league “didn’t feel they were respected”.

Buzbee said members of his staff attended meetings between the NFL and three of the women. He attended a meeting with the fourth. The lawyer told NFL officials that “every time these women tell this situation, they have to relive it.”

Berman gave a more detailed summary of his conversation with Buzbee:

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