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Progressive insurance was implemented as early as 2001 research with over 11,000 people and found that over 52% of reported accidents were within five miles of home and 77% of accidents were within 15 miles. Two decades later, the latest accident statistics from the NHTSA paint a pretty similar picture.

While there has been a steady decline in the frequencies of Car accidents and subsequent serious injuries, the general tendencies of accidents near the home are stressful for several reasons including:

  1. Residential neighborhoods in the United States are accepted pedestrian friendly Zones in which children, the elderly and disabled people are guaranteed a safe environment. An increase in distracted driving and accidents in the surrounding area put all of these people at risk.
  2. Car accidents in residential areas near a cab are sure to disrupt the tranquility of the neighborhood and disrupt the lives of residents.
  3. These type of car accidents will inevitably lower property prices in areas where car accidents occur frequently, which will subsequently affect homeowners and their ability to get the most out of their lucrative investments.

A personal injury attorney is usually required in car accidents near a driver’s home in order for motorists and all types of accident victims to receive their full, legitimate compensation. At Greathouse Trial Law, we were able to get the best possible results for ours previous customers during the more than 10 years of existence of our law firm.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident in your own neighborhood or near the other driver’s home, do so Contact us for a free consultation So we can check the facts of your accident and guide you in the direction of the right first steps towards legal recourse.

Why are people less attentive near their homes?

1. Cocky drivers

One of the most obvious reasons for frequent home accidents is the fact that drivers become cocky and essentially drive in autopilot when they are in their comfort zones. There is a tendency to text text, multitask, not wear seat belts, send emails, dial a phone call or have a snack when you return home or go out early in the morning, resulting in an accident can lead.

It is always important that drivers remain vigilant even when they are just a few miles from home.

2. Collisions with parked vehicles

Vehicles parked on the roadside in residential neighborhoods can be both victims and perpetrators of car accidents near your home or anywhere. A poorly parked car that is not aligned with the designated parking space only causes problems for the owner, as the drivers generally get on the autopilot on familiar roads.

On the other hand, a stationary car cannot avoid an oncoming car in any way and can lead to a collision without having done anything wrong. Liability in these types of auto accidents can be a little tricky, which is why hiring an experienced auto accident attorney is so critical to the success of your case.

3. Fatigue

Most residential car accidents are not caused by excessive speeding as speed limits are strictly set and enforced in the United States. However, one factor that cannot be taken into account is the mental state while someone is driving distracted. Long hours of work and the subsequent physical and mental exhaustion from work can lead to the lack of attention required to drive safely and result in minor or even fatal accidents.

4. Blame the alcohol

It’s common for people to avoid highways and prefer to have a drink at a bar or with a friend near their home when they go out for a drink and drive to their destination. While this will reduce the chances of a highway accident, it doesn’t rule out driving home drunk late into the night after a hugely successful party. DUIs lead to an estimated 16,000 fatal accidents each year, accounting for approximately 40% of the total death rate from motor vehicles in the United States.

5. Rush hour

Even the safest drivers are victims of rush hour traffic and are always looking for ways not to get caught in it on their cell phones. This can lead to early morning rushing as people try to get past the 8am traffic clutter.

However, it often causes more damage in the form of an accident right in your own neighborhood.

6. Minors drive

In residential areas you can often see children driving without a license. This could be the result of very successful creep by the children or dangerous indulgence by the parents.

Either way, these children may be making neighborhood streets dangerous because they are physically and mentally unable to drive safely.

What should you do if you are a victim of such an accident?

If you’ve been injured or sustained damage in an accident in your neighborhood, you should consider filing a claim for compensation. While the guilty party may be your neighbor or friend, they cannot overlook the loss of property and safety that a distracted traffic accident near the home brings for the victim.

Regardless of how seriously you choose to pursue the case, it is critical that you get an experienced auto accident attorney to work on your behalf. A good personal injury lawyer brings experience together with the relief of not having to deal with paperwork and court files, which then gives you the time you need to fully recover from the accident. They also understand the lawful settlement a case deserves and can get you the best possible harm from negligent driver insurance.

Greathouse Trial Law manages personal injury cases in suburban Atlanta and can help you develop a solid case. To learn more about filing personal injury claims or to evaluate the facts of your case and determine whether it is legitimate, Contact us for a free consultation.

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