Has the Ban on Bird Scooters Made an Impact?

Scooters have been in the news for all the wrong reasons since they launched in select US cities in 2018. In our state of Georgia a little over a year after permission Scooter in AtlantaResidents and city officials noted issues related to user non-compliance, speeding, and lack of lane discipline, resulting in death. Following this, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms introduced a certain one Night ban on scooters in August 2019.

Electric scooters were unveiled as an affordable, environmentally friendly, modern mobility solution that benefits younger, low-income populations and helps eliminate traffic disruptions in major U.S. cities. As a result, they have been greeted with open arms in states like California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Texas, etc.

Indeed in 2018The number of e-scooter trips (38.5 million) exceeded the number of shared bike tours across the country. However, increasing traffic problems have led many states to issue different versions of bans on these e-scooters. That brings us to a very important question.

Has the ban on e-scooters had an effect?

Simply put, we don’t know. The Atlanta ban was enacted last August and there are no official figures yet if this directly reduces the number of accidents in the city. Overnight, when the ban went into effect, all electric scooters in Atlanta were disconnected.

Since the regulations hadn’t changed, Lime decided to leave town in early JanuaryThe company found Atlanta’s regulations and fees insurmountable. Uber also pulled out its jump bikes in September 2019 and simultaneously withdrew from San Diego, Providence, San Antonio, Dallas and Staten Island that same summer.

While critics of scooters would say that the ban had an immediate positive effect, many users try to point out the bigger problems that a simple scooter ban cannot solve. Atlanta streets, though designed for cars, were never built for the massive increase in the number of cars the city has seen of late.

Despite the fact that there have been 4 deaths from scooters, Georgia sees an average of 4 deaths per day due to poor driving and unsafe road behavior. On the other hand, scooters were declared as such just as sure Like any other means of transport, this ban makes a myopic movement that provides a temporary balm on a much deeper wound.

Another problem with the scooter ban is how it disproportionately affects younger and poor people. Providing low-cost mobility solutions is important to fuel communities that are trying to escape poverty. ONE 2015 study from Harvard University identified commuting time as the greatest obstacle to upward mobility. It found that longer commuting time for a person reduces the chances of socio-economic improvement. This directly affects the state’s low-income and student population.

Scooters also offer a safer, more reliable option in areas known for criminal activity, especially when the distances are too great or too great unsure to gobut also too little for a $ 7-10 taxi ride. While scooters obviously don’t provide a complete deterrent to a determined criminal, they do offer a sense of speed and protection for those who would otherwise be on foot.

What is the future of e-scooters?

Experts across the country say legislation and urban infrastructure must keep pace with innovation to help scooter companies deliver on their promises.

This would include separate bike pathswhere scooter riders can ride freely without having to worry about cars zooming past them at 45 mph.

This includes offering timely legislation when technology companies approach city governments for permits without embroiling them in regulatory practices. With that, the cities failed first Carpooling and now scooter sharing companies.

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